OTK Excerpt – My Sweet Spot

“Handsome man. Will you let me play with you?” I whispered, clutching my legs tighter. I’d hoped to trap him into a perfectly crafted web that I’d weaved just for him. I wanted him immobile, utterly incapable of responding to me with any coherent thought. I wanted him to commit all of the dirty ways that I desired to toy with him to memory.

As I’d hoped, he nodded and widened his legs, his bulge digging into me. I reached for his hands and placed them at the small of my back, pleased when they trailed a path leading from my ass to my shoulder blades and back. Taking two generous handfuls, he gripped me tightly and held me in place as his cock thickened and lengthened beneath my warmth.

Every neuron fired and jetted through me forming goosebumps on my arms and tightening my nipples into stiff buds, but I was alive. And damn, did I feel good.

“Thank you for this evening,” he whispered against my lips. “Every time we’re together, I learn something new about you.”

“Then we won’t stop until we know every part of each other. Inside and out.” I took a sharp intake of air as he squeezed my ass in response and added a tiny hip roll hitting me on my sweet spot—the small bundle of nerves residing within my warmth…

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