When you’re navigating shark-infested corporate waters, never let your heart bleed…


They call me the King of Dynex. Half the company loves me, the other half…well, I really don’t care. Bonus: My ice-cold reputation hides my broken heart. If Dynex’s public offering takes off, my best friend and I will be swimming in corporate stock, free to launch our own company. I don’t need a distraction like Jasmine Carmichael, a gorgeous consultant with honey-almond skin and a killer smile.


Ever had any luck with dating apps? No? Girl, same. Even if I can carve time out of my brutal travel schedule, at the first hint I’m an old-fashioned girl in search of romance, I’m ghosted.

I shouldn’t be attracted to six-three of citrine-eyed, muscular, urban sophistication like Garrett Hamilton. He’s a client, and clients are off limits. But something about him makes me want to ignore the rules and roll the dice. I should have remembered corporate games never end well—especially when you gamble with your heart.