Kandi’s Crush written by Michelle Karise
Narrators: Lacy Laurel and Connor Crais
Produced by Tove Audiobooks

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This summer, I was supposed to catch up on all the fun I missed while my nose was to the college academic grindstone. Instead, I’ve baeen guilted into helping out with the family’s cleaning business. My client is the fabulously successful, insanely rich Chadwick St. Clair. As a kid, I lived to torment him. Then I grew up and crushed on him. Hard. He still makes my mouth water, my hands shake. But his playboy rep isn’t the only thing standing between us. Breathless kisses and addictive encounters may not be enough to build on for a lasting love.

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Narrated by Lacy Laurel

Narrated by Connor Crais

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