📚 Teaser Tuesday 📖

The final kiss left me in a state of arousal that I hadn’t felt in years. I sprinted through the hotel lobby and entered the elevator with my thighs pressed together. I rushed to my room, ignoring the blissful throb emanating from between my legs. Breathlessly, I closed the door and locked it. I peeked out of the keyhole, making sure that I was alone and released my breath, blowing all the sexual frustration out. Reeling from the effect of Garrett’s kisses, I leaned against the door to regain my senses.

He’d had me on edge the entire time. It took the strength of a fucking WWE wrestler to prevent me from jumping on him. Everything was intense: the proximity of our bodies, the feel of my breasts against his manly chest, and the possessive way he took my hand when we walked down the street. Whatever was happening between the two of us could be a recipe for disaster or the best thing in my life…”

💙 Standalone

💙 Workplace Romance

💙 Enemies-to-Lovers