My current work-in-progress is a workplace romance. It involves Information Technology, forbidden romances, and hot sexy fun. I am still working through names and other details. My hope is to publish in March 2020.

The heroine is Jasmine Carmichael. The twenty-seven-year-old is a Senior Director of Client Relations for a global consulting firm. Each week she travels from Atlanta to Dynex Industries headquarters in Chicago where she leads the effort to analyze their information systems in preparation for an initial public offering. The daughter of a Federal Judge and socialite, our heroine is a quintessential BAP (Black American Princess)—summers in Sag Harbor and weekends attending Jack and Jill were to prepare her for life as a socialite. Her parents expected her to graduate college with an M.R.S. degree, but she chose to pursue an IT career. The “love thing” isn’t working for her. While perfectly lovely, she has a certain flair for the dramatics, as evidenced by the quote below.

The hero is Garrett Hamilton. The thirty-one year old is a Chief Architect for Dynex Industries. He has a penchant for the ladies. By his own admission, he makes stupid decisions involving the opposite sex. Fresh off the heels of another dissatisfying relationship, he is on a search for something and someone real.

When the past presents it’s ugly and treacherous head, how will it affect Garrett and Jasmine’s future?

Where will working in close quarters take our hero and heroine? Will they find their happily ever after? Or their happily for now?