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“He was toxic, poison, and he was going to kill everything beautiful in my life if I let him. He was the storm to my cherry blossoms.”
– Emilia LeBlanc

The Sinners of Saint series feature the HotHoles – a circle of four popular jocks that run the hallways and classrooms of All Saints High School. Each member (Jaime Followhill, Baron “Vicious” Spencer, Dean Cole, and Trent Rexroth) are their own different shade of alpha. I started with the book Vicious, but I recommend reading Defy –> Vicious –> Ruckus –> Scandalous .

Vicious was my introduction into life at All Saints High School in the fictional city of Todos Santos, California. The story intertwines events of today and those of the past to create a story of an unrequited love that spans a decade. Baron “Vicious” Spencer and Emilia LeBlanc are our hero and heroine. 

Baron was a wealthy kid growing up with no supervision. Lack of parental supervision and access to money changed him into a nightmare. Through the of a high-school fight club, Defy. Vicious meted out old-testament punishments for social status and as punishments to any disruption to the social order.

Emilia was a friendly, artistic, sensitive girl thrown into the chaotic world of All Saints High. From the moment she arrived at All Saints High, she was the object of Vicious’ torment. 

Ten years later, the HotHoles, are now owners of a successful financial holdings company. By the stroke of luck, Vicious bumps into Emilia in New York City. He finds the now adult, Emilia, seeking direction in the big city as an artist and full-time caregiver for her ailing sister, Rosie.

What are the chances that in a city of eight million, they would bump into each other?  LOL Our main characters are now free to fall into each other’s arms without the pressure of peers, their futures, and their pasts. Right?  Well, read for yourself to find out.

This is the book that started my love affair with all things L. J. Shen and Hothole related. I love the asshole hero-trope. I feel head-over-heels in love with Vicious. The book took me through a rollercoaster of emotions from anger to sadness to joy.