Happy New Year! I hope that you will have many blessings in the year to come.

Last year was an incredible year for me.

I am a published author.

I can hardly believe these words. I wrote a book. I published a book.

I’ve caught the itch. I’m eager to complete the next project. I will push forward and release at least three full-length novels. I will also write a slew of short stories which I will make available here. Then there is that little matter of a bit of cringeworthy fan fiction that is out there. I want to apply all of my learnings and clean up.

In addition, I will continue to hone my writing skills. I have several writing seminars and book conventions scheduled.

MichelleKarise.com will be the home for all things Michelle Karise. I will post reviews for my favorite books, release snippets and teasers here, and I’ll even share some cool self-publishing/technology things that I learn.

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