For everything he does, he does thoroughly and brilliantly.

– Sterling

This is my first book review. I will start with one of my favorite novels of 2019, The Kiss Thief by LJ Shen.

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The story begins with an encounter between Wolfe Keaton, an attorney turned Illinois Senator, and Francesca Rossi. Francesca was the sheltered daughter of a leader of a Chicago organized crime family.  Her father promised Francesca to another man. But once she was in the sight of Senator Keaton, Francesca had to leave her gilded cage and live with a virtual stranger.

Their love story will go through the typical love–>hate–>love conflict. I felt sorry for Francesca and throughout to rooted and empathatized for her, but there were several moments with Wolfe that made my heart sing. The next thing I know I was head over heels in love with Wolfe. Poor Francesca didn’t have a chance. 

My goodness. The Kiss Thief was an instant favorite. I made the mistake of reading it before bedtime. I ended up pulling an all-nighter only to finish the book during my morning routine.

I hated life that day.

L.J. Shen did an incredible job of writing an ass and turning him into a man that even the strongest woman would fall in love with. The pacing was appropriate. The character development was realistic. The writing and editing are top notch.

Author’s Note: All book reviews are my unbiased reviews. I’ve paid for this book with my own funds.