By Michelle Karise

His Little Star

BWWM Romance Novella

Traveling to Italy for business sounded like a dream. Three glorious weeks of sightseeing and sampling the local nightlife.

Matteo Russo caught my attention from the start.

We met at a crowded nightclub. The gorgeous older man sauntered over, plied me with liquor, and whispered illicit invitations in my ear. It’s no surprise we ended up naked and horizontal in his bed.

The next morning, I made my graceful exit with a kiss, convinced it would be the last time we saw each other.

Imagine my shock when he popped up at the office. Turns out he’s the guy that’s trying to ruin my family’s business.

My job was to use whatever tools in my arsenal to force him to capitulate.

A Roman conquered my heart.

But secrets threatened to destroy us forever.

Michelle Karise

Michelle Karise is a St. Louis-native who lives with her temperamental Shih Tzu, Rooney. The sassy, Type-A personality is a member of several professional organizations, notably the Romance Writers of America. 

Travel, martinis, and wit are her jam and nuance is her butter. She constructs stories featuring intelligent female leads and the confident and strong men that love them. Sometimes the hero and heroine don’t behave as she would like, but she is always optimistic that love will prevail.

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I shouldn’t be attracted to Dynex’s wonderboy, Garrett Hamilton. He’s a client, and clients are off limits. But something about him makes me want to ignore the rules and roll the dice. I should have remembered corporate games never end well—especially when you gamble with your heart.


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Kandi’s Crush

This summer, I was supposed to catch up on all the fun I missed while my nose was to the college academic grindstone. Instead, I’ve been guilted into helping out with the family’s cleaning business. My client is the fabulously successful, insanely rich Chadwick St. Clair. As a kid, I lived to torment him. Then I grew up and crushed on him. Hard. He still makes my mouth water, my hands shake. But his playboy rep isn’t the only thing standing between us. Breathless kisses and addictive encounters may not be enough to build on for a lasting love.

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The characters were developed and well written…if you enjoy contemporary romance, you will enjoy this book.

– Kaybee’s Bookshelf Blog

It’s a Work Thing


This book held the perfect balance of sweet and steamy the entire time–and I loved it!


– Rebecca Hefner, Author

Kandi’s Crush


I loved the story. It was full of wit and very well done. I found myself laughing and being entertained the whole time.

– tanja, Goodreads reviewer

Kandi’s Crush


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