What is Kandi’s Crush?

Check out the details of my debut novel - Kandi's Crush!

Having lived a strictly PG-13 life, Kandace Alexander has vowed to get a little wild during her last summer as a college student. She has it all mapped out: dabbling with online dating, bestie beach outings, shopping until her feet ache, and late-night parties. But that all changes when a simple request from her mother puts her in temptingly close contact with her longtime crush.

Real estate entrepreneur and modern-day Lothario, Chadwick St. Clair, has known Kandace since the day she was born. No longer a little girl in pigtails, she’s grown into a woman with enticing attributes he can’t ignore. If her family knew of his growing attraction to the curly-haired beauty, they would be furious. Even so, there’s no denying the chemistry sizzling between them.

What begins as a casual summer of dating mishaps blooms into a string of addictive encounters that leave them both breathless. But when the real world pressures start to mount, the couple is left scrambling to decide just how much they’re willing to sacrifice for a chance at forever.

From author Michelle Karise comes the sizzlingly sweet debut, Kandi’s Crush!