Who Is Michelle Karise?

I am an avid reader. 

My love for reading began at the tender age of three. We were seated at the breakfast table. I began to read the comics aloud. My father thought we were playing a joke on him. He pointed to random words and asked me to read it.  I read all of the words! 

My life was never the same.

I read for anyone that would listen: my mother, my father, my cousins, my pre-school class.  My love for reading shaped one of the most significant moments of my life.  My first and only week in Kindergarten concluded with me reading a film strip aloud in class.  After several rounds of testing, I landed in the second grade.

Over the years my tastes have changed, I love romance novels with a strong male lead that has a shady past or a darker present.  A man that has a tough exterior with a kind heart for the woman that he loves.  A man that meets a woman and falls wholly and hopelessly in love.  A love that may take years to evolve or be at first sight.

I love female leads that are sensitive, smart, and kind.  I like female leads to have doubts about falling for the bad boy, but she follows her heart.  I want her to exhibit against or find strength in him.  If she walks and does what is best for herself, then she is a part of my squad.

Why aren’t these novels written with a black woman lead?

Most novels portray black female leads as strong, extroverted, resilient, super-curvy, and the voice of reason.  She always does the right thing. She is usually super sassy and comedic.  If it is a book with a black woman there may be gang activity involved or has drama with her “baby daddy.”

It is frustrating.  I would totally support a book where the black girl falls in love with a vampire that sparkles like diamonds.  Or an accident-prone, young black woman who literally falls into a loving relationship with a billionaire.  I would be all over that!

My goal is to write books with delicious, fun, quirky, and smart female leads.