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Work In Progress: Marie’s Story

Marie-Therese Alexander is my favorite character in the Kandi’s Crush novel. Marie-Therese, affectionately known as Marie, is Kandace’s aunt. Marie is in her early thirties and is the most reasonable of the Alexander clan. She is intuitive, sensitive and loving. Plus she has a wicked sense of humor. Marie-Therese also has a thing for high-fashion—Chanel, […]

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What is Kandi’s Crush?

Check out the details of my debut novel – Kandi’s Crush! Having lived a strictly PG-13 life, Kandace Alexander has vowed to get a little wild during her last summer as a college student. She has it all mapped out: dabbling with online dating, bestie beach outings, shopping until her feet ache, and late-night parties. […]

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